Bitcoins real lessons

for the last few years under employed Twinkie eating millenials have been convinced that bit coin is the future of the fx market. It is not. It is also not, as somebody tried to tell me, a currency originally invented by the U.S. Government to hide payments to Stanley Kubrick for his help in faking … Continue reading Bitcoins real lessons

Spoof this bitch

well the story of the day clearly belongs to the UK based futures trader who’s e-mini spoofing algo placed added pressure on an already fragile market on May the 6th 2010. The algo, developed largely by a coder working for Navinder Sarao’s EMS provider was designed to place large orders 4 to 8 ticks away … Continue reading Spoof this bitch

Fiduciary duty

US regulators are toying with the idea of placing a fiduciary duty on investment advisors. This would come as a shock to most Americans, who thought such a standard already existed for advisors, were TMZ ever to cover the story.  Currently advisors are subject to a standard of suitability, which means they can’t pile grannies … Continue reading Fiduciary duty